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What is it?

SkyOfSteel is a sandbox building game set in the sky. Envisioned to be a game where one can build intricate factories and sprawling supply chains while engaging in a PVP turf war with your fellow server inhabitants. Enjoy highly fluid movement while destroying others with highly powered weaponry. Fight for technological superiority as you race through a deep tech tree constantly edging out your opponents. When you tire from the vanilla game, the custom gamemode and modding support adds even more depth and content.

Currently we are remarkably far along in achieving this goal. However we are admittedly not there yet. At the moment we have a fully functional building system, chunk based world save and loading, highly stable multiplayer, Quake/Source engine style air strafing, automatic bunny hopping, rocket jumping, wall kicking, fluid FPS combat, and a rudimentary yet extremely flexible system for adding user created gamemodes.

What about this multiplayer?

I love multiplayer. Multiplayer is why I love gaming and decided to start learning programming and building games. There is something special about sitting down with a few friends and playing a game together, whether competitively or co-op. SkyOfSteel is being build around the many hundreds of hours of fun I have had with my friends over the years playing multiplayer games in private servers. With this game I hope to capture the special feeling I had playing such games. 

You mentioned movement?

SkyOfSteel has an ever expanding movement system. Currently this consists of an implementation of air strafing and bunny hopping which is almost identical to id Tech 3 and the Source Engine, wall kicking, and rocket jumping. To make bhopping easier and more fun, holding space jumps the same frame you land resulting in perfect bhops. This allows for an amazing amount of control when in the air and when traveling from place to place.

In time this will expand to include (list subject to change):
     - Long jumps
     - Hang glider
     - Jet pack
     - Wall running
     - Ledge climb
     - Sliding


SkyOfSteel has an extremely flexible custom gamemode system allows for almost any idea, mechanic, or feature to be added to SkyOfSteel. The entire came is open source so game is tinkerable to the core. To learn more see https://skyofsteel.org/Docs

Cool, what does it cost?


SkyOfSteel is open source under the MIT license (source here https://github.com/ForLoveOfCats/SkyOfSteel). My intention is for SkyOfSteel to always be free for anyone who wishes to play it. I too know the pain of wanting to play a game with friends only to discover that it costs a tad to much for your entire group to purchase. In addition to this SkyOfSteel should never be tied to a specific gamestore and always be buildable from source.

I do have a Patreon however which I am launching with version 0.1.2: https://www.patreon.com/user?u=19556107

What tech is this built with?

SkyOfSteel is proudly built with open source software such as Godot Mono, Blender, Gimp, Audacity, Emacs, and most of it's development has taken place under Linux.

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This game is fun for a few minutes! Cant wait to see where this goes! this is JamesBoi.exe btw